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Dovolená v Číně

The concentration of perceptions that await you in this contradictory but beautiful country is so high that you will process them long after you return from vacation. If we were to summarize it in three points, it would look like this: China is one of the world’s richest cultures both in history and today, boasting spectacular natural landscapes and stunning impressive architectural gems.

Why go there?

Don’t miss out on the essentials in the world’s fastest-growing country! Because there are a million steps forward every second in China. Right now, you will find yourself in China in the midst of a major facelift that connects a thousand-year history with a thriving modern economy.




Kdy jet do Tibetu

Tibet. Mystical and mysterious place at the end of the world. No goal can get you that close to heaven. Nowhere else is complete human existence so firmly and inseparably intertwined with religion and spirituality. From the confusion of everyday life, you get to a space where everything is as it should be. Where time, energy and ideas simply flow in the right direction. Where inspiration is given away to the fullest and where travel makes the right sense.

Why go to Tibet?

Although you will read a lot of wise advice from enlightened people about the reasons to go to Tibet, the greatest adventure on this earth is to find your own reason for visiting it. And if you do not find it before the trip, then at the destination for sure.




kdy jet na dovolenou do Japonska

If you want to go somewhere where everything is “different”, then Japan is the ideal destination. The whole country and the people in it are deeply set with one foot in the context of their history, traditions and culture – and with the other foot in the distant future and personal freedom to be bizarrely strange in any way. Japan has given the world, on its journey from an ancient civilization to one of the most progressive countries ever, so much material to admire, think about and inspire, that it will make you think around.

Why go to Japan?

A trip to the land of the rising sun and a short stay in it will be your intense life travel experience. Throw away all prejudices and forget about the information loaded, because everything will be different. You will always get a package of unforgettable experiences, impressions and surprises from Japan. All in the good sense of the word.




Kam jet na dovolenou do Francie

All right, I’m having a hard time speaking English there. Or at least not willingly. They play 40 percent of French songs on the radio, during your stay someone will definitely be on strike, at every step the slogans of Liberté, égalitié, fraternité jump out at you! But where else can you find such a strong concentration of intellectuality, bohemianism, inspiration, Unesco-protected food, fine wine and French kisses in one place than in a hexagon-shaped country that occupies a fifth of the EU? The country that has hosted the Tour de France for more than a century has the largest number of roundabouts, a vast forested area, famous cemeteries, exciting libraries, a passion for champagne and snails – and Europe’s highest peak. Whoever plans to climb Mont Blanc must count on about 12 hours of demanding climbing. Or with twenty minutes of beautiful, panoramic rides on the continent’s highest cable car.

Why go to France?

France is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, but don’t worry, you’ll still fit in. I to the Louvre. Also on Paris Gare du Nord, which is the busiest train station in Europe. I to the Eiffel Tower. By the way, you can visit it, but do not make any claims on it. Since 2004, she has been married to the American archer Erika La Tour Eiffel….


Kam a kdy jet na dovolenou do Itálie

The most delicious delicacies, the most winey wines, the most Italian women. Fragrance and senses, elegance and fashion, culture and art, but also a bit of chaos and a bordello. This is passionate Italy, a country where colorful fireworks, gelato and delicious pizza were invented. Italy is a  country where giant truffles with the title of world champions are born and kittens protected by law are littered under the threat of a three-year prison sentence. It is a beautiful country with wonderful football, the highest number of UNESCO monuments, a history rich as far as memory goes and, above all, it is a country that will welcome you with open arms at any time. Whether you come to the mountains, the sea or sightseeing, you will immediately fit in and feel good, regardless of the destination and season.

Why go to Italy?

Italy is a founding member of both NATO and the EU. The sixty-millionth boot in the south of Europe, which attracts with its incredibly diverse nature, beautiful cities, romantic atmosphere and reputation of the cultural Mecca of the region. The largest Italian city is Rome, the smallest state in the world is the Vatican, the oldest is San Marino. If you long for solitude and love mystery, pay attention to the island of Poveglia, which has a horror past and an abandoned present – it is closed to the public.



kdy jet do bolívie

Rough, even torn on the surface, maybe not entirely suitable for weaker characters, but at the same time sensual, own and definitely unsurpassed in the category of authentic experience. The natural beauty of Bolivia, unspoiled by mass tourism, offers something that is slowly disappearing from our world. Want to know what it is? You will feel the power from a height on a paragliding or glider while looking at the green valley of the metropolis of La Paz, up close on the world’s most dangerous road to the Yunga zone, with your own hands while fishing on the Amazon, with your heart in your pants while jumping into deep ravines, with your eyes on top of your head while trekking through the Apacheta Chucura pass. If personal limits are constantly being exceeded somewhere, then certainly here, in Bolivia, in the landlocked state of South America, with neighbors of no less famous names.

Why go to Bolivia?

When life is hard, so is life – but there must be fun! In Bolivia, it does not take a month for something not to be celebrated, preferably loudly, with great pomp, dance and costumes, all right in the streets. And the nature! The most visited area is the border lake alias freshwater sea Titicaca with floating islands, inhabited by Uros people, the largest salt plain in the world is called Salar de Uyuni, the most beautiful mountain in Bolivia is considered to be the volcano Parinacota, the most beautiful Bolivian waterfalls can be found in the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park and there are countless others in Bolivia.



kdy jet do peru

Peru is where the mythical is true. And the truth is mystical where the adventure lies right in front of you. If you want to be closest to the history of Peru, there is no better way than to get to know it during carnivals, which will absorb you for a few endless days. Thanks to the great geographical and cultural diversity, browsing not only maps, but also the menu is an adventurous reading. This South American state with its beautiful, diverse nature, delicious food, and quirky population has as many faces as you’re interested in seeing. To the west, the dunes and drought of the Pacific desert region, amid the height of the Andean peaks dominated by Huascarán, to the east, the Amazonian Plain and its rainforests.

Why go there?

Peru is like a traditional Indian, hand-woven fabric – ancient, colorful and durable. The biggest attraction is the famous ruins of the iconic city of Machu Picchu, but believe that, although significant, far from being the only one, this monument is important in learning about the ancient history of the place. Discover the archaeological sites of Chan Chan or Kuélap, fly over the patterns in Nazca and do not hurry! Enjoy Peru, whose pulse is unrepeatable. Not only to acclimatize to a higher altitude, but simply because in Peru you simply won’t miss anything.



kdy jet na Seychely

Time in Seychelles is not a vacation getaway, it’s a vacation dream! 115 islands wind like a chain through a blue-green ocean rich in all kinds of experiences on your list of things to do in life. Give up trying to mark beaches according to attractiveness in advance and instead put together the most beautiful view you have ever sent home from your travels. Because they will all have ten out of ten points! Clean and warm water will lull you into beautiful coral gardens teeming with life.

Why go to Seychelles?

If we were to indulge in sheer luxury just once in our lives, it would be in the Seychelles. Pure luxury is available in Seychelles! The environment itself is luxurious, you do not have to live in the most expensive resorts at all, and yet you will play in a fairy tale for a while. Grab the nearest opportunity, whether it’s a honeymoon, wedding anniversary or birthday, and fly to paradise at any time of the year. You can alternate peace and quiet with observing the rich fauna and flora, you can enjoy a light and healthy meal, plan any sports activity or relaxing non-activity. You’ll love Seychelles. And this is no empty advertising slogan.




No artificial tourist attraction, but Africa live, all in all. Botswana invites you to the best safari, which will bring you closer to the local wilderness rich in pieces and species. To the Kalahari, the largest desert in southern Africa, which occupies almost 70% of Botswana, to the endless horizon and the sky full of stars, to the ancient baobabs, as well as the variability of the largest inland delta in the world, Okavango and its blue-green wetlands with diverse ecosystems. In Chobe National Parks, you will have the opportunity to admire all the big five – leopards, elephants, lions, hippos and buffaloes – in one place in one day. In addition, 580 species of birds, 75 species of large mammals and more than  80 species of fish. Encyclopedia with you!

Why go there?

Botswana is one of the safest countries in Africa in terms of violence and crime. You can go to Botswana alone or with children. With quality travel and bookings packed with wildlife, Botswana has long been the number 1 destination for all safari-loving tourists. Botswana the best theater with the most beautiful stage – for sunset hunters and the most beautiful people – members of probably the oldest continuously living population in the world – for thousands of years in the same way associated with nature.



Kdy jet do Indonésie

Green, blue, white, ashy, wild, smiling, buzzing, surprising, demolishing stereotypes, hospitable, huge, changeable. 240 million people and 17,800 islands make up Indonesia, a place on earth that you might not have planned for your next holiday destination, but… One holiday in Indonesia costs ten holidays elsewhere in terms of perceptions. Here you will experience everything! If you are planning a honeymoon or a silver wedding celebration for two, fly to Bali. It’s a hotel paradise for connoisseurs.

Why go to Indonesia?

Because Indonesia is not a top tourist kitsch, but a diverse, colorful and varied travel. Because when viewing a photo gallery from this corner of the world, you will not believe that such a thing really exists. Yes, there is! And it pays to go there.





Kdy jet na dovolenou do Zambie

How about a walk around the place where our ancestors walked millions of years ago? Tropical climate, savannas and sparse forests, lakes, vast swamps, waterfalls, ancient baobabs… Zambia is said to have the most beautiful nature in the world. And educated by the failures of her more touristy relatives from the African continent, she takes care of her wealth. For your money, you will experience perfect service and comfort in luxury campsites around the water systems of the Zambezi, Kafue and Luangwa rivers or first-hand tourist comfort and nature in tourist campsites directly in national parks.

Why go to Zambia?

A landlocked country with a typically tropical climate is a fulfillment of the African dream for a European tourist. In Zambia, don’t miss the original night safari or adrenaline walking safari, which will introduce you to the wilderness up close and really live. Watching the wild from the safety of an off-road car is for kids after all! For the traveler’s heart, it can warm you that in many places the resources from tourism are immediately returning to the development of communities, self-sufficiency and sustainability. The multicultural Zambian company speaks 70 languages, but you can also speak English, for example when you buy souvenirs on the market.



kdy jet do Zimbabwe

Twice the size of Niagara Falls. Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, one of the natural wonders of the world and number one on the list of most incoming tourists to Zimbabwe, a landlocked state in southeast Africa. Number two on this list will definitely be nature reserves and safaris, such as Save Valley Conservancy, Mana Pools, Matusadonn, Chizarira or Hwange. Number three is Lake Kariba and fishing, number four are the granite hills of Matobo Hills, five are the ruins of Greater Zimbabwe….

Why go there?

Zimbabwe has been off the mainstream tourist radar for many years. But since 2009, the situation has been turning for the better again and Zimbabwe, its nature and people are enjoying interest and increasing attendance. The best time of year to observe animals in all national parks and visit waterfalls is September. A trip to Zimbabwe will take you through different types of landscapes in exclusive and close contact with life in them, as well as with perfectly trained guides, unique throughout the region.


South Africa


You fly somewhere, you’re there for a while, and then you come home. The space and time around you will borrow you for a while, leave a trace, and then bring you back to your life. South Africa is different. South Africa will swallow you up. If you plan to include this tip of the planet among your travel catches, then South Africa is your gateway to the entire region. Please meet your new love. Dramatic, fateful, melancholic, passionate, shocking. You can’t get South Africa out of your head or heart. And don’t ask us why. This has to be experienced.

Why go there?

Because here luxury is available to everyone. And what you can save on luxury class accommodation compared to other destinations, you can boldly dissolve in shopping, golf or sports activities on 3,000 kilometers of beaches.




dovolená mayotte

You can find the romantic island paradise called Mayotte halfway between Africa and Madagascar, and despite the fact that its name sounds like another name for exotic, a mere citizen will get you to visit it! In no time, you will find yourself together with dolphins in a clear lagoon, in a restaurant over a plate of local specialties in one of the local picturesque towns or on a trip in the middle of clear nature that smells like nowhere else in the world! Mayotte boasts one of the most beautiful diving spots on the planet, measuring 160 kilometers and home to 600 species of fish.

Why go there?

The colors of the beaches on the island resemble the painter’s palette, you can alternate them and you will feel like you are on a completely new holiday every day! When you get tired of the waters of the Indian Ocean, you can go for a walk to the ZOO or the botanical garden, but you don’t have to go to the ZOO or the botanical garden at all. Green turtles, sea turtles, lemurs, dolphins, whales, baobabs, banana trees, mangrove groves, vanilla plantations, intoxicating ylangs, 50 species of orchids, exotic fruits. And if you speak French, then the last barrier has fallen that would prevent you from going to the island of Mayotte.



Dovolená na Fidži

If you are just fulfilling your dream and heading to Fiji, the first thing to imagine is your internal clock. Because you’ve been living island, Pacific time since you got off the plane! Enjoy exclusive beaches, the wonders of underwater life and the fascinating culture and energy of the place in this peaceful and relaxing time-space full of islands and islets. The crisp colors of the sea, vegetation and beaches stand out into the space and have the senses of every newcomer. Each shot is suitable for a large-format poster of your holiday memories. The calm waters of the shelf seas pamper 1,500 species of fish and corals in seemingly endless coral reefs.

Why go to Fiji?

When you pack your beach bag in the evening and think about your next program, you can choose for example: observing wildlife in nature or merging with nightlife in cities. Fiji locals’ day revolves around work, rugby, churches, the garden, and family. Even though the history of local customs is chilling, tourists are welcomed with open arms and a warm smile. And to know which places to look for on the map, here is a list of them: the main island of Viti Levu and the Coral Coast area, the islands of Mamanuca, Yasawa and Taveuni.


French Polynesia

kdy jet do Francouzské polynésie

50 shades of blue are waiting for you in French Polynesia! A capricious country is like a mistress you’d want to keep to yourself if it weren’t so irresistibly beautiful!

Why go to French Polynesia?

The lagoon paradise is lined with beaches with white, pink or black sand. The ocean with coral gardens full of life invites divers and swimmers to explore, while the favorable wind invites surfers and kite surfers to ride. Whatever your cup of coconut milk, the 118 islands of French Polynesia offer plenty of experiences, surprises and adventures for everyone. In the main roles you will see sharks and black pearls. Welcome to Tahiti, a place that stirs the imagination – and rightly so! Inseparable floral decorations, beautifully tanned dancers, a light breeze combing through the rich crowns of green palm trees lining the turquoise sea. Welcome to Bora Bora, an extinct volcano in the middle of one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. Visit Le Taha’a, your (almost) private island, or rebel Huahine with its archaeological monuments and beautiful nature.



kdy jet na Mauritius

Well-being and smiling people. And multicultural spirit. That’s what you realize first. European, African, Arab or Indian influences have left traces, monuments and ubiquitous tolerance here. With the sounds of picturesque Creole and the smell of vanilla, you can enjoy this picturesque island all year round thanks to the favourable temperatures – whenever you want. Mauritius is synonymous with luxury golf tourism, safe swimming and colorful diving to the corals or shipwrecks of 18. centuries, dolphin excursions, clean white sand beaches and green forests and volcanic craters and waterfalls.

Why go to Mauritius?

Mauritius may simply appear as another country with sea, beaches and sun. That’s 16 numbers.Mauritius is like a lavishly laid out Swedish table that offers something of everything, plus beautifully packaged and in that quality. Visit Chamarel, a small village with seven-colored layers of sand, Port Louis, the capital will enchant you with French colonial architecture, Champ de Mars, Le Capitaine and Imran Khan.



kdy jet na Jamajku

No matter how you think about Jamaica, you will be accompanied by a rhythm. A country with its own soundtrack and music in the blood is another star of the Caribbean sky. Discover it? Jamaica is a baby-friendly destination, don’t be afraid to take your kids with you regardless of their age. Do not ask yourself if you will visit Jamaica, but when you will visit it. Coconuts and rum are available. Unlimited.

Why go there?

Stormy waterfalls that cross the landscape suddenly in places you wouldn’t expect. Entire coral gardens below slightly undulating sea level. A coastline lined with fine sand beaches, headed by the royal Seven Miles Beach. Luxury golf resorts, such as in Montego Bay. The inexhaustible possibilities of water sports. A climbers’ paradise in the Blue Mountains and the highest mountain of the Blue Mountain Peak, from where you can also see Cuba in good visibility! In Jamaica, visit local markets, the Bob Marley Museum, learn about ancient Rastafarian healing practices, taste local culinary specialties. And most importantly, be a welcome guest thanks to the warmth of the locals.


Azorské ostrovy

The Azores Islands, albeit with a Portuguese surname, residing far in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, this is where you will want to shout at the top of your lungs: The world is beautiful! You will want to share this knowledge with the whole world and at the same time keep it all to yourself. Because the subtropical nature around hundreds of volcanic craters is virgin and wild, whales and dolphins fascinating, the tranquil pace of the locals and the very sober tourist industry looks like time has stopped here.

Why go there?

The Azores especially welcome lovers of active holidays spent on the move. Behind every bend, you will have a new view and a different view, in height, in the distance, in depth or in silence. Colorful lakes of volcanic origin, fertile fields, vineyards and pastures, lush forests with lush vegetation alternate with mineral springs, hot springs, volcanoes and craters. Then there are villages and towns with unique romantic architecture.


Cape Verde

kdy jet na Kapverdy

Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde, is a chain of ten volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa. The highest point of the archipelago is the active volcano Pico do Fogo, the cultural center is São Vicente, the biggest attractions of beaches and quiet seaside villages, the center of entertainment and music clubs Mindelo, Sal and Boa Vista are water sports and diving centers, Santiago, Fogo and Sando Antão are a paradise for hiking. If you want to get to know the real atmosphere of the island, go outside your hotel resort and actually outside your island. Between all ten islands, there is either air or sea transport, and each of them will offer you something different, unique.

Why go to Cape Verde?

Fifty shades of sea, fifty shades of sand, and fifty shades of experience await you on the Cabo Verde Islands. On the beaches, you will often walk alone, the waves will be yours, the wind, the views, the opportunities, the depths, the greatest peace you will find on the island of Boa Vista, on the contrary, the bustle, nightlife and music will absorb you in Mindelo on São Vicente and Santa Maria on the island of Sal. The Cabo Verde Islands are like an Advent calendar – a different surprise awaits you under each window – and all sweet!.



kdy jet na reunion

When you pack your bags for Reunion, swimsuits and flip-flops won’t be enough. If you want to enjoy this beautiful island, which is part of the Mascarene archipelago in the Indian Sea, definitely pack sturdy shoes and a backpack! Réunion is like a hat from which you will pull one surprise after another. The multi-ethnic atmosphere of this less than 60 km piece of land next to Madagascar will impress you at markets in coastal towns or over a plate in stylish beach restaurants.

Why go there?

Nature, culture and entertainment. You can easily write these three words as the password for your stay in Réunion. Well, in the list of what awaits you there, you should definitely not miss: the most active volcano on earth, Piton de la Fournaise, colorful tropical nature, hundreds of waterfalls, tamarisk forests. Where you will not want to go on your own, a helicopter will give you breathtaking views, but, think twice, because the experience “live” is unrepeatable! And lovers of canyoning and cycling – they will find a real paradise in Reunion.



Kdy jet na dovolenou do Gruzie

Georgia is referred to as the cradle of wine growing, which has had its place here for seven thousand years. Twelve climatic zones, which include semi-deserts or high mountains, wish for wine, bathing and spa. But also skiing, snowboarding, hiking or adrenaline sports. According to a Georgian proverb, guests are a gift from God, so you will rarely feel lonely in Georgia. From the next table, you will always be invited to sit down. You can easily lose the few kilos you gain here from the excellent menu by treading high hills or swimming in the Black Sea.

Why go to Georgia?

Georgia is a destination you’ve never seen before. It has everything! It is exotic enough, but at the same time pleasantly European,  wild, unexpectedly modern, friendly, diverse, full of surprises. It is difficult to fit into some tourist compartments, she is still looking for herself and sometimes begs for leniency, but you will be happy to indulge her. It will give you back in full glory, full experience diaries and full photo albums.





Kam do Chorvatska

We have no sea, but we have Croatia. The nearest warm sea, accessible by all modes of transport, with offers of all kinds for whole and larger families. Relative speech, a welcoming atmosphere, freedom of movement and standards we can rely on. We can forgive Croatia for minor and major shortcomings and we repeatedly grant it the privilege of the most popular Czech seaside destination every year.

Why go to Croatia?

Due to the clean Adriatic Sea, beautiful beaches and the increasingly accessible coastline, even where it is not completely “baby friendly”. Because of national parks, yachting, diving, beautiful cities, great food or the high season coinciding with our holidays.




Thailand – Koh Samui

Kdy jet na Koh Samui

Not everyone thinks of an ideal holiday as a sun lounger, book, palm tree and headphones with relaxing music. If you want, then the party starts on Koh Samui as soon as you get off the plane! Thailand’s third largest island, located in the waters of the South China Sea, is the showcase of Thai tourism. It abounds in colors, lights, scents, stands out with picturesque beaches, beautiful white sand and tropical vegetation. At the same time, however, it retains its style and pleasant atmosphere.

Why go there?

Recharge your batteries and get lost in the whirlpool of fun? Koh Samui. Luxury SPA? Koh Samui. Peace and meditation, inspiration of ancient monasteries? Koh Samui. Beaches, cocktails and coconuts? Koh Samui.





Kdy jet do Singapuru

Everything is world class in Singapore. Luxury hotels, business centers, historic buildings, infrastructure, green parks, zoos, gastronomy. Thanks to the harmonious coexistence of the old with the ultra-modern, unique photogenic nooks are created in this city, which you will not find anywhere else. A small island town that thinks of itself as big is a playground for rich people and their luxurious lifestyle. The cosmopolitan anthill of cultures, tastes, races, smells and colours is a paradise for collectors of perceptions, as well as miles flown. From Singapore, you can easily and cheaply get anywhere in all directions, do not hesitate to study the options!.

Why go to Singapore?

For those who are afraid to leave the village, we have good news! Singapore is arguably the safest city on earth due to its strict laws and extraordinary safety requirements. There is no religious or racial tension, no civil unrest and the crime rate is negligible. And you can speak English without any problems.



Kdy jet na Malajsii

From gorgeous beaches and idyllic islets to multi-ethnic, vibrant cities. From dense rainforests to mountains that touch the sky. Diverse Malaysia is like an “all you can eat” eater restaurant for tourists. This Southeast Asian destination, divided into two different worlds by the South China Sea, offers countless different attractions, from which everyone can choose. Both on the side of the multicultural peninsula under Malaysian, Chinese and Indian influences, and on the side of Borneo, which boasts a wild jungle.

Why go to Malaysia?

In Malaysia’s two-in-one microcosm, you’ll never be bored and whatever you’re in the mood for will be at hand. Extreme contrasts are one of the most important tourist assets of Malaysia and you will be able to enjoy them both in the pursuit of architecture and monuments or in getting to know local people and culinary wonders, as well as outdoors in nature.



kdy jet na madagaskar

The oldest and fourth largest island on earth, Madagascar, lies in the Indian Ocean, 425 km off the southeast coast of Africa. It offers the most original and diverse sequence of sensations and experiences while observing the local flora and fauna in the world. Madagascar’s most famous celebrities, lemurs, rule over 200,000 species of plants and animals, 80 to 90% of which are endemic. As opposed to exciting nature-watching experiences while walking, lounging on the beaches and first-class diving in the warm waters off the coast or at one of the adjacent islets. When an ancient baobab enters your lens at sunset, posing with friends in a beautiful avenue near Morondava, you will get the right, iconic image memory of Madagascar.

Why go to Madagascar?

There is only one Madagascar in the world. It is a separate category of destinations and has no competition. You can conquer it on foot with a guide through more than a hundred hiking trails in fifty nature reserves and national parks. Isalo dominates the national parks with funeral caves, canyons and sandstone rocks of various shapes. Antsinanana rainforests, six national parks along the eastern part of the island, have been added to the UNESCO list.



Kdy jet do Kalábrie

Calabria is Italy, but more. Uncensored, slower, sincere, no pretense, no prime consumerism, almost no industry, poor and raw, but authentic and warm. The greatest treasures of this region are attractive coasts of the blue Tyrrhenian Sea, historical picturesque towns living tradition, monasteries, churches, castles and palaces, clean and unexplored national parks with wildlife, lakes and waterfalls, dazzling sandy and rocky beaches, where you will definitely not stumble over thousands of tourists as is customary in the north.

Why go to Calabria?

Calabria is like a nostalgic window into a simpler, slower and truer life, where the day is guided by the movement of the sun in the blue sky. Whoever is not a poet becomes one in Calabria.




kdy jet na sícílii

When you try to find the most beautiful beach in Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, it will give you a hard time. The beaches in Sicily look diverse and a bit extraterrestrial in terms of colors, shapes and composition due to their volcanic origin. Sicily is like a drama that will keep you in a pleasant tension all the time until you return home. Dramatic, active volcanoes, beautiful seas and wild mountains. The pearl of Sicily is its diverse architecture, boasting Arab, Byzantine and Norman influences. Your stay in Sicily can have the most varied itinerary of all your holidays so far and you will love its authenticity!.

Why go there?

Sicily has its own colours, tastes, smells, voices and faces. Even if you probably won’t be able to get to them, they will definitely hit you forever. Where you turn, you see the action, you feel emotions and you perceive the depth of authenticity. Sicily is made up of glorious nations of ancient civilizations and rugged nature, but at the same time it is irresistible and charming, hospitable and warm.



Kdy jet na Sardínii

Sardinia will become your great travel love. One visit is not enough and every time you return to the island, you will discover a different world. As an endless book, it will allow you to discover more and more chapters, corners and adventures from its immensely varied content reaching not only into history, but into prehistory. Beautiful sea and white beaches resemble the Caribbean, the hinterland is sleepy and traditional, as if time has stopped there.

Why go to Sardinia?

Because Sardinia has the most beautiful sea and beaches in Europe. Go to Sardinia off-season and extend your summer until the end of October, enjoying empty beaches, enough privacy and time to observe architectural monuments and archaeological sites. If you go to Sardinia in the spring, it will amaze you with its bright colors and scents of thriving vegetation.




Dovolená v Toskánsku

Genius Loci strong yet non-violent. With every breath, the legacy of ancient civilizations, once standing in the same place as you now, gets into your blood.Tuscany, the cradle of the Renaissance, has a huge historical, cultural and artistic heritage. Ancient settlements, churches, cathedrals and domes, castles and walls, fortifications, ancient ruins, all these places tell legends and offer a select company of famous names and the best artists of their time.

Why go to Tuscany?

Tuscany is a paradise for those who love history, culture, nature, the sea, wine, perfect food, thermal baths, year-round friendly weather and the warm atmosphere of the region.





Kdy jet na dovolenou do Nepálu

Travel is mostly just moving from point A to point B. But traveling in Nepal will change your life. Because it is not only traveling in space, but also in time, in the sense of life, in the deep spiritual footprints of the past and sometimes very grounded own footprints of the present. Staying in Nepal will slow you down and calm you down, suddenly you will notice what you missed before, and on the contrary, you will let go of what burdened you unnecessarily at home. After the devastating earthquake in 2015, the tourism benefit has one more important benefit, which is charity.

Why go to Nepal?

Because this country needs you and you need it. The mutual positive influence is the reason why Nepal should not be missing in your travel diary. In order to get the most out of Nepal, you do not need to conquer a single Himalayan peak, yet nothing will ever erase the beautiful scenery – both human and natural – from your memory.



Kdy jet na Rhodos

Are you bored with the view of a holiday by the sea, where one day will be similar to another like an egg or an egg? In that case, head to Rhodes! Plan a trip to a different beach every day and none of them will be the same. Visit the old castle on the way to the beach, another one on the way back. Rhodes beautifully combines a relaxing holiday by the sea with sightseeing and a return to ancient mythological stories.

Why go there?

Up to 300 days of sunshine a year and 365 nights of endless fun. Rhodes is known for its nightlife, clubs and bars of all kinds and tastes, as well as excellent wine and food to enjoy in the romantic restaurants of the towns and villages of this picturesque island.




Andalusie - kdy na dovolenou

A trip to Andalusia is a safe bet with a lot of romance, culture and history. Whatever your idea of a holiday, the southernmost region of Spain will fulfill your every wish with a rich offer of interesting places to see, various sports activities and unique artistic and culinary experiences. Whether we are talking about Cordoba, Seville or Granada, sandy beaches, snowy mountain tops, vines, markets, festivals, museums or galleries. The colourful and vibrant atmosphere of the region, its immense cultural heritage and natural beauty are sure to appeal to you.

Why go to Andalusia?

Spaniards love to share their joys of life, energy and emotions with their friends and family. Best outdoors and best after dark. When walking through the cities, there will always be something to watch, listen to and admire. The kindness and naturalness of the locals is in itself a great reason to visit Andalusia not only as a couple, but also as a family with small children.


British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, comprising over 50 small and 15 permanent inhabited islands, are among the most beautiful destinations in the area. Boasting some of the most beautiful beaches, it is also one of the most popular destinations for couples in love looking for the perfect romance for their wedding ceremony and honeymoon. Sentimental resorts, hotels and villas respect their surroundings and charm with sober, unobtrusive luxury rather than pomp and pomp.

Why go there?

The largest islands are Tortola with the capital Road Town, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke. On Tortola you will find fascinating, steep cliffs and escarpments in close friendship with chalky white beaches and calm westerly winds. The sleepy island of Jost Van Dyke honors its guests with delicious food and drink and is famous for its amazing New Year’s Eve celebrations. Fishing and diving enthusiasts are also aiming at it. Virgin Gorda and her Baths, mysterious saltwater caves and kitsch ponds, and finally the Anegada, a flat atoll surrounded by magnificent coral reefs.



Kdy jet na Arubu

Aruba is an island in the Caribbean Sea with an area of 193 km2. Located west of Curaçao and 30 kilometres off the north coast of Venezuela. Eagle Beach and Palm Beach dominate the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the capital Oranjestad is full of colors, the ocean is full of life and the tropical nightlife is full of fun, it got its name right here!

Why go there?

On the island you will have plenty of opportunities to place all your pocket money, lure casinos, shopping, great restaurants, romantic sunset cruises, or an adventurous discovery journey through Aruba in a rented 4×4. Explore the island’s wildlife, rocks, caves, Arikok National Park and its natural volcanic seawater pool. On the southwest coast, admire the coral reef, ride the waves on a kit or surf on Boca Grandi. Take the whole family with you and enjoy a paradise in the Caribbean that is perfect for both active and passive holidays that does not contradict the trend of sustainable resources.




kdy jet na barbados

The most beautiful coastline is the west, lined with first-class hotels with beautiful gardens, quaint shops and white-sand beaches flirting with the turquoise waters of the warm sea. Below, to the south, there is a picturesque epicenter of events: St Lawrence Gap, abbreviated “Gap”. There are excellent all-inclusive hotels and apartments all around, and a very welcoming community of people. Bridgetown and Carlisle Bay are halfway between, perfect for catamaran, submarine or diving courses. East and north are from another world – beaches and rocks, small bays and lagoons, hidden from the eyes of unwelcome guests.

Why go to Barbados?

The smell of fish roasted on the grill. Bottle of fine wine. A patio over a hidden bay, lit by torches, or a deserted beach, coconut palms, a picnic blanket, and fingers sifting through the soft, warm sand. Intimate Barbados is an island of scents, flavors and experiences, botanical gardens, interesting UNESCO-listed monuments, divine golf, diverse festivals.


Antigua and Barbuda

kdy jet na antiguu

The volcanic island of Antigua is part of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea. You can go through it all. Or sail around on a sailboat and enjoy a unique view of the beauty of the island from the sea. Or dive to the wrecks at the coral reef that surrounds it. New hotels, amazing food, rainforest with adrenaline attractions and spectacular views, unprecedented diving. You will be welcomed by a warm, tropical climate with balanced temperatures throughout the year. Barbuda is located north of Antigua and what you need to know about it fits into one single word: beach.

Why go there?

Not just diving. But adventurous diving. Not just water sports, but water adventures! Not just beaches, but the most beaches in the world! At least according to some guides. And finally – not just an ordinary sunset, but the most beautiful sunset ever set. Antigua has amazing food, a rainforest with adrenaline attractions, and trekking opportunities for natural wonders with stunning views of the ocean, beaches, and harbor.


New Zealand

All texts about New Zealand have the same effect – an irresistible desire to visit this miraculous Hobbit country in person! Rugby, hook, kiwi, bungee jumping, sheep, endless green plains, scorched film locations, wild rocks and dramatically dissected nature that appears and envelops in an ever-present white haze. In an area as large as Great Britain, there are twelve times fewer people and six times fewer sheep. For every New Zealander, there are six. Although the country is sleepy, enjoys a high standard of living and is very progressive, for example, women have had the right to vote here since 1893. The whole one-third of the map is a nature reserve, ecology is not only considered here at a glance. A river that has been granted human rights flows through here.

Why go there?

New Zealand is relatively isolated in the South Pacific Ocean and consists of two main islands separated by the Cook Strait. These are the North Island and the South Island, plus numerous smaller and even smaller islets. It is never far from the beach, which is due to the fact that it is not more than 128 kilometers from any point on the map to the ocean. Thus, with good planning, you can manage to ski and swim on the same day. For civilization, you will have to go to one of the cities: the capital is Wellington and the largest city is Auckland.




Australia, the land of sunshine, surfing and free space, is the largest island in the world. It is home to just over 24 million people who speak more than 200 languages, including Greek, Italian, Arabic and Mandarin. The greatest joy of the low population density is nature, which still breathes freely, thrives and thrives here in huge areas. Nearly 90% of native living organisms living in Australia are endemic, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else in the world. The south of the country is sunny and warm, but don’t worry, more snow falls in the Australian Alps each year than in Switzerland.

Why go to Australia?

Breathtaking natural scenery, endless miles and miles of beautiful excursions, the longest coastline on the planet, towns, cities and metropolises that smell of coffee and are packed with cultural destinations. On the map of Australia you will find deserts and rainforests, the entire telephone list of national parks and truly prominent beaches. Crossings between destinations can be handled quickly, but if you want to experience and see the most along the way, set aside a lot more time. There are places in Australia where you’ll feel like you’re in an anthill, but there are also places where you’ll feel like Neil Armstrong is on the moon – the first thing that makes footprints there.


Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

svatý vincent a grenadiny

Just the name. Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. Try saying it several times in a row. Sounds like fresh juice from exotic fruit, excellent rum and colorful flower. Sounds like a remote and mysterious island from an adventure book you read as a child. A chain of 32 islands rising above the Caribbean Sea still retains the hallmark of virgin undiscovered by the tourism industry. Empty islands are ruled by white beaches, blue skies and clear water. Although this description may suggest that this is a playground only for the rich, famous and noble, it is not. Even those who cannot reach the islands by their own multi-storey yacht will find their paradise here – either under palm trees in a hammock or with wandering shoes on their feet. There are definitely more destinations to go than can be achieved during an average holiday.

Why go there?

Kingstown, capital of the largest island, Saint Vincent. Fort Charlotte and Fort Duvernette Forts. The Vermont nature trail that leads through the rainforest and forest plantations. Bequia Island. Tobago Cays Marine Park. La Soufrière volcano. Beautiful waterfalls… Hike, peek, bathe, take pictures and remember for the rest of your life!.




kdy jet na guadeloupe

The jewel of the Caribbean Sea belongs by law to France and by heart to Africa, but you will feel that it is all yours. In Guadeloupe you will discover two worlds – the flat Grande Terre and the mountainous Basse Terre. Discover endless, distant coastlines, towering green hills and memorable local markets with eternally well-tuned natives. Guadeloupe is not similar to any other destination in the locality, it is completely unmistakable and its.

Why go to Guadeloupe?

Try the white beach at Sainte-Anne, the black on the southwest coast of the island near the capital, Pearl Beach decorated with corals and the calm and clean waters of Courvelle Beach for days when you don’t want to stick your nose out of the water. If you get caught in the rain sometime in the afternoon, check out the coffee or cocoa museum, go fishing and wine at the great restaurant Le Mabouya dans le Bouteille in the cute Marina de Saint-François. Also try an aquarium or botanical garden. And when it clears up again – or preferably early in the morning when the sun rises, go to the waterfalls on the Carbet River or to the volcano La Sufriérre.



kdy jet na curacao

Imagine a colorful, multicultural and inspiring Amsterdam with beautiful architecture on vacation in the Caribbean. About seventy kilometers from Venezuela. Sun, sea, palm trees, sand, incredibly tasty food, vibrant UNESCO capital Willemstad, peaceful and clean beaches, wildlife. All this away from the tourist spotlight. Welcome to Curaçao (read kyrasó).

Why go there?

Once a pirate base, today an island of joy that offers countless opportunities to experience every second of your holiday to the fullest. For sunbathing and diving: Cas Abao beach, Porto Mari, Caracas Bay or Playa Forti. For those who love peace and quiet: the secluded Jeremi Beach. To the astonishment and dozens of photos: the rocky coast of the north, or Boka Pistol in Shete Boka National Park. To observe the flora and fauna: Christoffel Park, the largest national park on the island. For entertainment: nightlife in jazz clubs, dancing in salsa clubs, gambling in casinos. For the joys of life and blue tongues: real Blue Curaçao liqueur in bars on the Pirate Bay at happy hour, often accompanied by an unforgettable sunset.



kdy jet do Grenady

Grenada offers picturesque bays and coves for unforgettable diving to real treasures. The island with the scent of ginger, cloves, nutmeg and rum has a dramatic history, but now it is a place for a peaceful and unforgettable holiday, where you will not find huge resorts and where even the most famous places do not suffer from the onslaught of tourists. They say it’s the last paradise on earth.

Why go there?

On a hilly island with several rivers, where there is nowhere far to go, you will be welcomed by the elegant capital city of St George’s, which undoubtedly aspires to be one of the most beautiful in the region. The place where it lives the most is the northwest coast of the island with the famous Grand Anse beach, which offers many bars, restaurants and hotels. A short boat ride will take you to the islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique and your feet to the fascinating Annandale and Seven Sister’s waterfalls in Grand Etang National Park. Here and in the Forest Preserve you can admire, for example, exotic birds or rare monkeys.



kdy jet na martinik

Martinique (in French Martinique) is part of the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles and is located between the islands of Saint Lucia and Dominica. From the beautiful blue sea, green hills rise to the sky, dominated by the Mont Pelée volcano. It is the diversity of the environment that attracts so many tourists to Martinique. You should not miss proven goals: the Balata Gardens botanical garden, twenty white stone statues silently observing Diamond Beach sadly reminiscent of the maritime disaster of 1830, the Cathedral of St.Louise in Fort-de-France or distillery in Habitation Clément.

Why go to Martinique?

The northern part of the island is mountainous with rainforests, the southern is charming with its own natural beauty, cozy bays, bays and long kilometers of white sand beaches with coconut palms, where you will often meet only a few people. Or even no one! Wherever you go on the island, a friendly French atmosphere with a touch of Gallic “joie de vivre” will breathe on you from all sides. The rich cultural heritage of the island is reflected in both music and multicultural cuisine, which pleasantly tickles the taste buds.



kdy jet na madeiru

An active holiday in a green subtropical paradise full of botanical gardens. Madeira belongs to Portugal, but it is closer to Africa. Nevertheless, it is a unique and unrepeatable country. Landscape formed by ancient volcanic activity, decorated with beautiful nature, where everything that can grow grows. Whether tranquility and pace of walking or adrenaline and sprinting, whether from land, water or air, Madeira will offer a rich program under the blue sky and in the company of the endless Atlantic Ocean.

Why go there?

Madeira is part of the EU, yet it is exotic by every inch. You will not get lost in the crowds of tourists, but you will not even feel like you are at the end of the world, where foxes say good night. A special charm has an island for flower lovers in April, when the annual Flower Festival takes place in Funchal.





Kdy na dovolenou do Tyrolska

Tyrol, virtually all of whose vast territory is occupied by the Alps, will welcome you at any time of the year in all its glory. Tempting peaks, green pastures, picturesque valleys, magnificent glaciers… This is a unique scenery that never offers two identical views. More than a quarter of Tyrol’s territory is made up of nature reserves dominated by 500 mountain peaks higher than 3,000 meters above sea level.

Why go there?

If hospitality and kindness of the locals are important to you, you will really like Tyrol. Friendly people will make a pleasant stay in chalets from an ordinary holiday with a homely atmosphere that will welcome you every time you return from hiking trails or ski slopes.





švýcarsko Luzern

Small in size, big in importance? For tourists, definitely. And feel free to bring high demands with you in your backpack, because they will be met. The second meaning of the word Switzerland is pure and you will be convinced of it every step of the way. Beautiful scenery to look at – even when you’re not enjoying fairy-tale castles, beautiful nature or wild waterfalls. You can ski in Zermatt or photograph the world’s most photographed mountain – the Matterhorn. Don’t be afraid to plan countless destinations across Switzerland. The way to them will not be any torture, but a comfortable and precise joy for a second.

Why go to Switzerland?

The country is divided into three regions: German, French and Italian. That’s why even traveling in Switzerland feels like riding through three different cultures, and experiences melt on your tongue like the most delicious chocolate.




Kdy jet na kubu

If you would like to visit Cuba, now is the time! Private business is starting to wake up, services are getting better overnight. And the consumer lifestyle does not yet dominate the traditional. Most tourists head to Cuba for the blue sea and white sand, but these are not the only treasures. If you step off the hiking trails, you will discover hospitable fishing villages, cities full of architectural gems, lush forests, rugged mountains or abandoned coffee plantations.

Why go to Cuba?

Catch the wave and plan your trip to Cuba. You may not like it at first glance, but give it a chance. It is unmistakable and fatal. Famous cigars and mojitos, Cuba Libre, Bacardi or Daiquiri will keep you company as you contemplate how strongly the people, their energy, culture and history will impress you. Despite progress, Cuban cities and towns have not changed much since the days of pirates, so their colonial character has a special charm for a European. Havana, Trinidad, Remedios, Camagüey are places with a typical Cuban atmosphere and at the same time with pride in their cultural heritage.



Kdy jet na Bahamy

The saying “It’s Better in the Bahamas!” And why? Because of the pleasant, warm weather. Because clean environment, wide beaches with gradual entry into the water. Because friendly people and because the made holiday paradise. Bahamas as if it was not enough to be “only” better at something. We know what they’re best at! If you have diving and water sports at the top of your list of interests, then it will be just for you that everywhere is good and in the Bahamas the best. Regardless of which of the 700 local islands you visit.

Why go to the Bahamas?

Coral reefs in Andros, Tuna Alley and The Bimini Road, Exumas Land and Sea Park, coral caves at Abacos, diving (not only) among the sharks in Bimini and around Stuart Cove’s Dive, shipwrecks on New Providence, these are places worth seeing. It has long ceased to be the case that the Bahamas belonged only to the American rich. Accept an invitation to the most beautiful Bahamas beaches in Exuma, a stroll through colonial architecture and Nassau Harbor, a game of golf on Paradise Island or Cat Island and its network of underground caves.


Hawaiian Islands

kdy jet na Havaj

Hawaii, the pearl of the Pacific, is made up of everything you need for the perfect vacation. Beautiful sandy beaches, swimming in the azure blue sea, endless sources of wonder and respect for beautiful nature. A destination that won’t bore you, it has coral reefs, waterfalls, dense tropical forests and volcanoes. The archipelago consists of a total of 132 islands of volcanic origin in an isolated chain of 2,400 kilometers and ten of the world’s fourteen climate zones. When you try to recite the names of the eight most important, you will actually sing how melodic they sound: Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Niihau, Lanai, Kahoolawe.

Why go to the Hawaiian Islands?

There are different nationalities in Hawaii, which is why the cuisine, culture and ordinary view of the street crowd is colorful and interesting. Unique experiences are waiting for you. You can swim in a volcanic crater in Maui, take a photo gallery of the world’s most colorful beaches – from black, through green, red to white, imported from California. Visit Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head Volcano, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu City, Manoa Falls, Haleiwa Surfing Paradise. You can feel the “aloha” lifestyle perfectly and not be ashamed to bring it home – in the soul, in memories and in the form of classic souvenirs.



Kdy jet do Tonga

If you are only looking for destinations where you almost do not encounter a tourist, then the Kingdom of Tonga is definitely a place you need to start interested in. At the heart of the South Pacific is one of the most isolated nations on earth – and one of the most beautiful places on earth. A total of 177 coral islands can be found underneath Tonga, of which only 36 are inhabited. The largest of the islands is called Tongatapu. The Kingdom of Tonga is known as one of the oldest and most enduring Polynesian monarchies with a welcoming and friendly attitude towards incoming. They will greet you with a resounding: Malo e lelei!.

Why go there?

After practicing the greeting, you can then train it on pristine beaches, under majestic volcanoes and on majestic hills, among coral reefs, in national parks or authentic villages, also during great fishing expeditions. An absolutely crucial feature of this destination is the inherent flow of time – which is ideal for holidaymakers, tired and stressed people… There is nothing that could not wait until tomorrow, except perhaps your arrival here! You will not be much online, the island has connectivity problems, so you will have plenty of time for all the active and passive activities that are offered here at every step.



Kdy jet na Samou

Samoa is a state in the western part of the Samoan Islands in Polynesia. The capital is Apia, with 38,800 inhabitants. Hello! says Talofa! – and you can get ready for the fact that your heart will clench with wonder, the real paradise on earth is even more beautiful here than on postcards. The painting is accompanied by traditional singing. In his rhythm, playing with fire, twisting his hips, dancing men in skirts, just a window into Polynesian culture as painted.

Why go there?

Authentic experience collectors are sure to try: traditional food preparation in underground ovens. Catch a fish, garnish with vegetables, wrap in banana leaves and before it’s all baked covered with hot lava stones, you can put on your glasses and snorkel and explore the magic of the underwater world. You can swim in one of the cave lakes, fly to the next island, take a nap on the beach or discover your own undiscovered waterfall. It is best to explore the mainland in a rented car or in one of the local buses, which act as if they have their own personality. They are full of warm-hearted locals and are specially trained to avoid holes on the roads and provide breathtaking views of the coast. Goals to list include: To Sua Ocean Trench, Mt. Vaea, Samoa Culture village, Lalomanu beach, Piula Cave Pool, O Le Pupu Pu´e, Papaseea Sliding Rock. a mnohé další.



Kdy a kam jet na dovolenou do Portugalska

Golden beaches, green nature, and blue ocean, colorful history, distant views, ancient cities including Lisbon, the oldest city in Western Europe. According to the World Peace Index, Portugal is the fourth safest country in the world, and according to the Country Ranker, it has the second highest quality road system on the planet. Portugal has the highest number of sunny days of the year in Europe. The south of the country is famous for its beautiful beaches and rich nightlife, the center of the country attracts history lovers, the north invites old folk traditions, small villages and wine cellars.

Why go to Portugal?

Portugal is a fascinating land of medieval castles, cobblestone villages, romantic nooks and fine dining. Expect freshly baked bread, olives, cheese, red wine or vinho verde, charcoal grilled fish, smoked meat on the Portuguese spread table. Portuguese festivals are famous, which is a calendar packed all year round. Write down in your diary mainly the following goals or events: Cape Cabo da Roca, bullfighting “tourada”, pilgrimage site Fátima or botanical gardens in Madeira, fish market in Albufeira, beaches Plaia Verde and Plaia da Rocha, Cale, Plaia Boca do Rio.



Kdy a kam jet na dovolenou do Řecka

Greece has it all. It is located in southern Europe, in the south of the Balkan Peninsula. It lies on the European mainland as well as on numerous islands in the Aegean, Crete, Thrace, Mediterranean and Ionian Seas. Greece – as an ancient cultural treasure – must not be missed on the “wish list” of lovers of history, sea, olives and wine. When planning a trip, you do not have to look at the weather, it will be beautiful. A country that has given the world half of its vocabulary of foreign words, Greek salad, Olympics and metaxa, welcomes tourists as its own. Fit into a big Greek family, dance and sing with them, live to the fullest, relax to the fullest, love to the fullest and most importantly: come back anytime. The cradle of Western culture calms, brightens and spoils you every time.

Why go to Greece?

Do you want the ideal scenario of one holiday day in Greece? After a rich breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea and the olive grove, on the way to the beach, you stop at one of the famous sights, spend the most beautiful hours of the day in the waves, after a light lunch, enjoy a siesta in the shade of cypress in the afternoon. And then? Before you have time for a snack, you will still have a good swim, on the way back to the hotel you will visit one of the famous sights, at the hotel you will change into elegant clothes and celebrate a beautiful day until late at night!.



Kdy na dovolenou do Algarve

All year. So welcome to this welcoming region with the best climate in Portugal. Spring and summer are long and winter is short and kind. The Algarve is therefore a paradise for golfers, for fans of beaches washed by the Atlantic Ocean, for lovers of thermal baths, for lovers of well-being, good food and wine, athletes and explorers. The coast of the Algarve is indented, rich in cliffs and caves, lagoons and islands full of life.

Why go there?

The Algarve is the perfect destination for those who need to make a difference right now. Fly away from the chaos or routine of everyday life, recharge your batteries, catch a new wind, discover something new, taste different tastes and scents.





kdy jet do ameriky

How to describe the United States in one breath… When you step onto American soil, you become part of Something. Part of something big, absolutely ubiquitous and yet elusive. You are becoming part of America. This country is like a huge arm that warms and freezes, shocks and cradles. It gives and takes opportunities to the same extent. Here, the tourist feels like a visitor to the richest gallery in the world with thousands of different paintings and experiences that crawl under the skin.

Why go there?

Your great American experience consists of beautiful nature parks and reserves, vibrant and multicultural metropolises, snow-capped highlands and hot high desert peaks, lush rainforests and rocky canyons, fertile river deltas and unpredictable swamps. Wherever you choose on the most colorful map of the world, its pronunciation has a special sound, flavor and smell. Places shrouded in stories and living and long-forgotten legends give every trip in the USA a different, unrepeatable touch. We are absolutely sure that the next time you cruise one of the four million miles, a plan for your next trip will be born in your head. Even if you have already bought a return ticket, you can never leave America forever.



kdy jet do brazílie

Eight puzzle: what do you get when you mix fairyland, diverse culture and omnipresent energy? The correct answer is Brazil! The fifth largest country in the world, which occupies a huge part of South America, owns the Amazon basin, the largest rainforest on the planet, the pampas in the Rio Grande do Sul region, the Pantanal wetlands, 7,500 kilometers of sandy beaches, the preserved colonial towns of Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, Paraty, Olinda, roaring Iguaçu Falls, canyons, mountain ranges and scenic national parks Lençóis-Maranhenses, Chapada Diamantina, Chapada dos Veadeiros or Chapada dos Guimarães, idyllic tropical islands Ilha Grande, Ilhabela, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Morro de São Paulo, Boipeba, Ilha do Mel and the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, a paradise for surfers and turtle and dolphin watchers.And in general, look forward to a whole encyclopedia of plant and animal species that will be pushed into your attention and lenses. Unforgettable…”

Why go to Brazil?

The colourful puzzle of Brazil’s 200 million population is made up of African, European and Middle Eastern pieces. Your trip to Brazil will likely start in Rio de Janeiro, a megacity that is among the most vibrant anthills you have ever visited. You can continue in the footsteps of sweet tooth and gradually discover the secrets of regional cuisines from African influences in the state of Bahia to German and Italian influences in the state of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.


Dominican Republic

kdy jet do Dominikánské republiky

In the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is one of the most geographically diverse destinations. You can collect holiday experiences on beautiful beaches, in high mountains, on sightseeing tours, trips on salt plains, dunes or vineyards. A coast hundreds of kilometers long can be calm, lined with white sand beaches or dramatic, with rocky bays. Drive along the coastline through traditional fishing villages or tourist resorts of all kinds and sizes. You can observe fauna and flora on land and underwater, you must not miss thousands of migratory humpback whales or one of the national parks.

Why go there?

The Dominican Republic is visited by 4 million tourists a year and it’s no wonder. Why is it so attractive? Because the list of what you can experience and see here never ends! You can feed monkeys, jump from waterfalls, ride through the jungle on a quad bike, surf, dive, experience your own mental revival, play golf, enjoy a cocktail of fresh coconuts under palm trees on the beach, dance a carnival or all night, or return to the times of pirates or Spanish conquerors.



Amazing landscapes, legendary ancient temples and fortresses, spicy but very tasty food, colorful festivals and above all authenticity. Whoever lives a fast-paced urban life full of stress and under the weight of seemingly fundamental problems should go to Bhutan. The magic of the isolated Himalayan kingdom is in the rich cultural heritage, traditions and history that have been – and still are – here. Bhutan is a mountainous country, where almost half of its area is located at an altitude of over 3,000 meters, which means an amazing offer of treks with the assistance of beautiful Himalayan scenery of wild flora and fauna, monasteries, fortresses and temples.

Why go there?

In the Himalayan Kingdom, gross domestic happiness is used instead of gross domestic product as the main indicator of maturity. Bhutan is like a box of miracles for a European tourist, into which its owner allows you to enter, look around and marvel.



Dovolená v Jordánsku

No words will prepare you enough for the beauty of Jordan, you just have to experience it. First of all, because at first glance you will only see rocks, sand and the sun – Mars on Earth. Already at a second glance, however, the country begins to reveal the multifacetedness of the territory, people and nature. In the end, you’ll find there’s something around every corner that you’ve never seen before. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a true wonder of the world, waiting to be discovered. Treasures such as the legendary city of Petra, the Wadi Rum valley and its magnificent desert scenery, the biblical mountain Nebo, the mosaics in the city of Madaba, the Dead Sea, the archaeological site of Amman Citadel or the ancient city of Jarash will compete for your favor.

Why go there?

Jordan is today an attractive and safe destination for tourists with many faces, great food and amazing opportunities. Olive trees, incense, saffron, myrrh, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon or ginger – not only maps and itineraries will guide you through Jordan, but also the beauty of the night starry sky, the smell of myrrh and incense, and the tastes of the Middle East.



Kdy jet na Corsicu

Located in the western Mediterranean Sea and administered by France, the island is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and a place you’ll love. It boasts pristine landscapes with plenty of glacial lakes, whitish undeveloped beaches and clear sea. Hiking in the Corsican mountains, cycling around the island, yachting or rafting, these are activities that you can use to complete your stay on the island, which the locals say they enjoy the atmosphere that Sardinia, which is more popular with tourists, lost twenty years ago.

Why go there?

Corsica is a campers’ paradise with plenty of opportunities to anchor. Over 150 fully equipped campsites, 25,000 pitches where you can pitch your tent. Take adventures and experiences in any direction. You’ll always come across something that fills the pages of your travel diary. Eighteen nature parks and parts of the island inscribed in the UNESCO list open their arms to you.



kdy jet na dovolenou do Mexika

Energy. Beauty. But not for nothing, with nice souvenirs from mindless resorts. Mexico is no tourist glamour. In context, it goes deep into history. Mexico offers much more than you hope for, and for a trip to this Latin American country, be sure to prepare a thick travel notebook. In it, like millions of tourists before you, you will certainly not only write down the names and places, but above all the impressions, smells, tastes, colors and experiences.

Why go to Mexico?

Thanks to the pleasant weather, Mexico is almost a year-round destination, regardless of whether you are going to discover a journey in the footsteps of ancient civilizations or a relaxing stay in one of the resorts on the Pacific coast, the Atlantic coast, the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico. First-class beaches await you near Baja California, in Cancun or Tulum. Wind and waves rule Oaxaca and the south coast. Picturesque towns, UNESCO monuments, vibrant metropolises, deserts, forests, volcanoes, mountains and plains… Mexico is one big culinary festival for food lovers, a club for entertainment and music lovers that does not have a final, inspiring and incredibly photogenic gallery of people, animals and plants for the observer. All this – and much more – is mesmerizing Mexico.


Trinidad and Tobago

exotická dovolená trinidad a tobago

A beautiful land of contrasts that has everything you expect from islands in the Caribbean and more. Trinidad and Tobago, an island state off the north coast of South America, is spread over two main and another twenty smaller islands. The larger and more developed Trinidad is a multicultural anthill with a reference to Creole culture, the capital is Port of Spain. Much of the island is covered by rainforest. Sleeping princess Tobago is rich in natural attractions and diverse beaches lining almost all sides of the island.

Why go there?

The home of the best chocolate in the world is also a paradise for bird watching and first-class diving. You will find perfect opportunities for hiking, swimming under waterfalls, excellent cycling routes and a rich nightlife that culminates in a carnival, one of the region’s largest events. If you are looking for not only a destination, but also a reason, then head here just at the time of the carnival and enjoy cultural events, music, dance, colorful costumes and absolute culinary delight. A unique home culture has developed on the islands over the past centuries. It is no exception that in one city next to each other you will find a Christian church, a Muslim mosque and a Buddhist temple.



dovolená v panamě

The capital, Ciudad de Panamá, offers a spectacular view of the remains of Spanish colonial buildings. The city is known for its lavish nightlife. Tourists’ favorite historic center attracts with picturesque streets, a visit to the cathedral with a massive tower and the Bishop’s House and the archaeological site in Panamá Viejo. Galleries of various species of flora and fauna include more than 940 species of birds, 218 mammals, 226 reptiles, 164 amphibians and 125 species of endemics.

Why go there?

Fans of breathtaking beaches can choose one of the islands of The Bocas del Toro or San Blas, natural treasure hunters will enjoy a trip to the national parks of Darién, La Amistad, Coiba and Chagres. In the province of Chiriquí, at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, there is the town of Boquete, which is the starting point for hiking and rafting trips in the Volcán Barú National Park, as well as for excursions to coffee plantations and hot springs. And if you’re on the hunt for the perfect property, be sure to look for current options right here.


Costa Rica


A small country in Central America is a movie destination for an ordinary Central European. Come up with any activity, add “exceptional” in front of it and your holiday plan is born. And beware! We are talking here about both exceptional activities and exceptional rest. How you feel right now.

Why go there?

Because you’re not going with the flow, you’re going against it. Because the mainstream doesn’t tell you anything and because you really want to spend an unforgettable time on your holiday. Rainforests. Wildlife. Sunny beaches. Volcano. Water sports on wild rivers and in high waves. Perfect food. And coffee. People. Interesting, smiling, happy. And lest we forget, you can add ECO to what you have read above.



Saint Martin

Kdy jet na Svatý Martin

If you are looking for someone to give your heart to, look no further. A beautiful tropical destination, Saint Martin Island will win your attention, love and admiration. It is part of the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea and belongs to the Leeward Islands. The territory of the island is divided between two states, France and the Netherlands, and therefore has two capitals: the first is the Dutch Philipsburg with an irresistible business district and interesting galleries. The latter is the French Marigot with a magnificent promenade, several landmarks, a famous market and elegant restaurants.

Why go there?

Of course, the most important thing to pack before going to your suitcase is light clothing: good shoes, swimsuits, sunglasses and snorkelling equipment. The island is ready to give itself to you in all its beauty, above and below the sea level. This cosmopolitan island has its charm of 120 different nationalities even after the solar eclipse, where it lives the rhythm and fun in the Caribbean spirit with a light flavor of Guavaberry rum. The island has 37 beaches of all kinds for all kinds of people. From mysterious and tucked away sandy beaches for couples in love to vibrant, rocky cliffs framed for active athletes. Families with children will find plenty of fun and sports opportunities for all ages. The highest peak of the island is Pic Paradise, from which you can enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings.


Saint Lucia

Kdy jet na svatou Lucii

Saint Lucia is of volcanic origin, located in the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles and belongs to the Windward Islands, the capital is named Castries. Sun-drenched sandy beaches, warm and clear sea, average year-round temperature around 29 degrees, lively rainforests with rare animals, sharply cut rocky cliffs, interesting people and their stories. Saint Lucia is a place to escape from reality, where lazy days are spent on one of the many white sandy beaches or with perfect food and active days hiking in beautiful nature.

Why go there?

In addition to the nickname Pearl of the Caribbean Islands, the island is also called the Kingdom of Cocoa and Chocolate. The natural beauties are crowned, for example, by the area of Mount Pimard, old volcanic cones called Pitons inscribed on the UNESCO list or the only volcano to be reached by car, Soufriere Volcano, or the Toraille waterfall, whose icy waters will refresh you beautifully. The island’s nightlife takes place right on the street, in bars and clubs. It looks more like dance parties and carnivals than classic discos, but you will get a more authentic impression – about the local people and their concept of entertainment. For history, snorkeling and coral, be sure to head to Pegeon Island, where you will find ruins of buildings from the Anglo-French War, two beautiful beaches, a bar and restaurant with excellent local offer and, last but not least, excellent views of the northwest coast of the island – and in good visibility all the way to Martinique.



kdy jet na Maltu

Malta is a densely populated island country in the Mediterranean Sea. The Maltese archipelago is strategically located 95 km south of Sicily and 290 km east of Tunisia. It is the smallest member state of the European Union. Malta is very rich in historical monuments. Three of them are on the UNESCO cultural heritage list: the capital city of Valletta as a whole, the megalithic temples of Malta and Gozo, as well as the underground sacred space of the Hypogeum .al Saflieni. For example, the former capital of Mdina, which is only accessible to pedestrians, is also worth a visit.

Why go there?

The Maltese are known for their hospitality, they are friendly and generous. In Malta, you can speak English, which will be useful both when visiting numerous museums and tourist attractions, but also when exploring the island and its natural beauties. Malta is a place where a lot has happened in a small area over millennia, turbulent history is evident at every step, thanks to which itineraries of shorter and longer trips are created with great pleasure. And by the way, be sure to consider visiting the islands of Gozo and Comino.